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We are an established online retailer of cannabis seeds, committed to providing high quality, competitively priced products and delivering these products worldwide to your door swiftly and discreetly. If you want to buy marijuana seeds online - you have come to the right place.

We pride ourselves on our customer service as we know that trust and reliability is important to you.
We will respond to any emails within 24 hours except perhaps at weekends and public holidays.
We also run a live, online chat service enabling you to get instant answers to any questions you might have.
On our web site you will find over 1,500 different strains of marijuana from more than 50 breeders.



Let me introduce you to the GYO Seedbank team.

Taking it from the top we have the big bear, Dickie, managing director, visionary leader and the man responsible for everything that is good about GYO Seedbank, at least, that’s what he told me to write! He is one of the most passionate and driven business leaders around and his goal is to push the industry towards the mainstream, to remove any lingering stigma and to normalise the way people buy marijuana seeds.

Next up, we have commercial director, Bernie, the man in charge of business development, accounting and the purchasing of office coffee - his work is absolutely essential to the smooth running of the business, especially when it comes to keeping us in Cappuccino! Bernie has fully embraced the vision of GYO Seedbank and is a big advocate of our personalised, modern approach to selling cannabis seeds - you will not meet a more passionate and dedicated individual in the entire sector.

Our marketing director, Tony, completes the holy trinity. He brings all of the charm, happiness, wit and creativity to the team, and he also writes and edits articles like this one! He is devoted to keeping the site as interesting and enjoyable as it is convenient and cutting-edge, and his work has set us apart from other seedbanks in a truly positive way.

Our fulfilment team is headed up by warehouse manager, Lee, the man responsible for the stocking, storage and super-fast despatch of all our beautiful beans. He runs a very tight ship and works round the clock to make sure orders are processed as fast and efficiently as possible. His work is invaluable and we know that you, our customers, appreciate him just as much as we do.

Our Support Team is managed by Dasha. She is patient, understanding, and, as long as Bernie keeps her in coffee, she is always ready to listen. She has her staff fully trained and well-informed and she always has your best interests at heart. After all, if you’re happy, she’s happy and that’s all we can really ask for.

This is us. We wanted you to see the human side behind GYO Seedbank so you could understand a little more about what is driving us to become your favourite cannabis seed store. We are extremely proud of our team and we hope this shines through in every aspect of the service we offer, from concept to completion, and we welcome any feedback you have to offer because we know we can always improve.





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Eucalyptus points

We are committed to delivering value for money and rewarding customer loyalty.
That’s why we have developed our Eucalyptus loyalty points scheme to reward customers for purchases, product ratings, reviews and referrals and much, much more.

Grow forth!

the rise of cannabis seeds online

The growth of cannabis seed production can be traced back to the Dutch artists, Kees Hoekert and Jasper Grootveld, who produced leafy, low-quality plants while battling to gain permission to grow commercially. Their cause was taken up by companies such as The Holland Hemp Company in the 70s, but, until the first killer bud arrived from the US, there was nothing around of the quality we see today. By the 1980s, this had all started to change. The Lowland Seed Company and Sensi Seeds nailed down the best genetics and introduced large-scale cloning operations. This led to huge improvements in the quality of weed seeds for sale, massive global interest in the industry and the establishment of top-quality breeders. This progress also saw the growth of the cannabis seed retailer, the ability to buy marijuana seeds with confidence, and competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup. Seed retailers soon introduced the pick n mix option in response to customers' demands for more choice, more value and increased flexibility, and the industry has never looked back.

Your time is now

where the industry stands today

Any search for marijuana seeds for sale or weed seeds for sale results in pages and pages of online cannabis seed banks, each one claiming to be the world’s biggest, or the best, or the most well-loved. It can be a little daunting, therefore, choosing where to buy marijuana seeds online. At GYO, we have tried very hard to keep the emphasis on choice, to cater to all the needs of all of our customers all of the time. This is a big challenge but one we have taken on with relish. The following benefits and promotions are permanently available to everybody who shops with us: Free Seeds, Mix n Match, Breeder of the Month, Strain of the Month, Monster Deals, Daily Deals and Free International Shipping, as well as various Breeder Promotions and ad hoc sales. We have a genuinely live price comparison tool that lets you know how we stand compared to our competition (if we are more expensive, please let us know) and we have a fully-manned, highly-trained support team ready to guide you through any issues you may have. We love the cannabis seed business but we believe it should always be looking to improve - we are doing our utmost to lead the way.

Own the future

what's next?

We expect to see massive, global growth over the next ten years as governments study the impact of decriminalisation on the countries brave enough to lead the way. Once it becomes apparent that the benefits of marijuana far outweigh any downsides, the industry is going to be buzzing! As far as our products are concerned, we are hoping to see even more improvements to autoflowering seeds, as they develop bigger yields and better flavours. There is going to be a huge renaissance in regular cannabis seeds as more and more individuals develop the skills to create their own, interesting hybrids. And feminized cannabis seeds will doubtless continue their meteoric rise in popularity. On site, we hope that our pioneering Eucalyptus Points currency will be adopted across the industry, so you will be able to earn points in a variety of cannabis seed stores and online head shops. And, although we do offer extremely effective stealth packaging (as standard), we hope it will become unnecessary in the coming years, as Draconian laws are swept aside in favour of a newer, fresher, more enlightened approach to the beautiful herb. The future, we believe, is looking very green indeed.