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A plant you'll never grow bored of.


100% Regular Weed Seeds
A Mostly Sativa Strain


With a 30/70 indica/sativa ratio and yields of 450 – 450 g/m2 when grown indoors, this is a plant you’ll never grow bored of. Its scent is heavenly and its effect is just as good – a great all-rounder.
Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds has a strict philosophy when it comes to its semillas, one that produces outstanding results. Its selections are crossed and re-crossed, stabilised and levelled with skill, patience and precision. The range covers a broad compass of experiences, from potent couch-lock indicas to soaring sativas to super-easy autoflowering cannabis seeds, and everything in between. 

Delicious Seeds takes a holistic, ethical and conscientious approach to the production of its seeds, and is, quite rightly, one of the most respected marihuana seed banks around. 

Pick up your choice of cheap Delicious Seeds marijuana strains from GYO Seedbank today.

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